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Our 5G Outlook Training Program is a way Florida businesses can take advantage of free industry training. Based on Grants allocated to the state of Florida, there is $10.3 million dollars up for grabs. This program will give you the capability of training your managers in 5G deployment and technology while also training your technician workforce in advanced rigging, capstan or OSHA 30 skills.

The funding is there, are you willing to reach out and grab it?

How is it Free?
In the State of Florida there are grants that provide reimbursement for FL. business training initiatives. Currently there are over $10.3 million in funds up for grabs.

What Type of Training?
Our program offers you the ability to train your management in 5G Outlook and Technology while also picking another option for your Technician workforce.

How Long is the Training?
Depending on your choices, the training allotted will be 3 days onsite at your facility or ours. You have 1-bonus training option to choose from plus 5G Outlook and Technology.

What Does the 5G Training Cover?
Understanding the basics of 5G evolution
Understanding the basics of 5G technology
Understanding 5G standards
Understanding deployment challenges of 5G

Bonus Training Options
Capstan Hoist
– Basic or Advanced
– Basic or Advanced
– 10/30

Once we complete the 3 days of training with your organization, we can discuss further training initiatives you would like to pursue. Learning Alliance has done many grant funded initiatives for many different types of businesses. You can look into our grant services here: LAC Grant Services.

We partner with many organizations to assist them with training and workforce development. Are you interested in becoming the next one?

Benefits of Our 5G Outlook Training Program

  • It is completely free through Florida State grant initiatives
  • Train management in 5G deployment, technology and standards
  • Train your technician workforce in advanced industry practices
  • Continue to develop your workforce’s skills
  • Obtain access to other training programs provided by Learning Alliance
  • Continue to use State Grant funds on an annual basis

5G Outlook and Technology

Understanding the basics of 5G evolution
Understanding the basics of 5G technology
Understanding 5G standards
Understanding deployment challenges for 5G

Advanced Capstan Hoist

Types of Hoists
Inspection and Features
Operation and Set Up
Rigging Fundamentals

Advanced Rigging

Weight Estimation
Center of Gravity
Sling Tension
Winches and Blocks
Load Turning


Material Handling
Welding and Cutting
Tools – hand and power

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Enrolled: 28 students
Duration: 24
Lectures: 17
Level: Intermediate


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Monday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
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Friday 9:30 am - 5.00 pm
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