Veteran Recruitment

Veteran grant opportunities help transitioning, current and non-active vets find career opportunities with Veteran friendly employers. We partner with Veterans Florida to help connect businesses to different training and recruitment grant programs. The grant, called the Veterans Florida Workforce Grant, enables companies to hire Veterans in high skill, high wage jobs by providing reimbursement to help offset the overall costs of training and recruitment.

Our role in these programs provides you, the company, a turn key solution on obtaining grant funding. Some of the key characteristics of grants involve:

  • Grant writing
  • Grant submission, approval and award
  • Grant compliance
  • Monitoring and control

Learning Alliance provides all these requirements in a unique fashion that allows you to benefit from the grant without the headache. As mentioned, there are multiple parts of the Veterans Grants, so let’s dive into each!

Veteran Grant Training Reimbursement

Training programs are necessary to cultivate a great workforce. If you find yourself in a constant state of churn, low moral and issues recruiting new talent; you may have an issue with a training and mentor-ship culture. Now, this side of things becomes tricky. It can also lead to higher expenses as you need to invest in your employees, so what is the best route to take?

Many grants and programs exist for employers to take advantage to gain reimbursement for the cost of training. We provide several – for instance the Incumbent Worker Training grant – in Florida. These Veteran grant opportunities offer you the ability to obtain a reimbursement up to 50% of industry skilled-based training. This helps businesses build strong training programs for their employees.

On the other side of the spectrum, a great work force starts with great employees; and one of the best ways to obtain great employees is identifying the best demographics to hire. Veterans consistently prove to be amazing hires, and here is why!

Breaking Down the Benefits of Veteran Hiring

Currently, LAC has placed over 400 veterans in different careers ranging from automotive technicians to cell tower climbers. On the way, we learned several things about Veteran hiring programs:

  • Veterans have a greater interview to offer ratio which leads to more hires
  • Veterans contain better soft skills – being on time, communication – than other demographics
  • Veterans have stronger mechanical and problem-solving skills

Most recruitment organizations will define a good interview to hire ratio as 5:1. This means you interview 5 people for every 1 hire you obtain. You must fall within a 20% interview to hire ratio to be considered efficient and finding the ways to obtain that number may be difficult. Here are our numbers:

  • Out of our last 130 interviews over a 3-month period, 67 of our Veterans were given offers – this is a 2:1 ratio from interview to offer
  • 56 of those 67 accepted the offers given to them from our employer partners which is an 84% offer acceptance ratio
  • 3% of our Veterans stay within an organization for up to 90 days, while 71% stay 120 days

Veteran Recruitment Graph and NumbersAs we progress, we find that Veterans make solid additions to the workforce – and for good reason. Their training in the military gives them a leg up. They offer high retention ratios and reduced interview to offer percentages. If you are interested in building a Veteran Hiring Program, contact one of our Veteran Grant Associates.

Talk with a Grant Specialist

Do you want to discuss grant opportunities with one of our grant specialists? We can answer all of your questions from when grant funding is allocated, the process of obtaining a grant reward and how we reimburse you fund. If you are interested in discussing the Veterans grant, contact us today!