Veteran Services

Recruitment Programs for Businesses

Through our partnership with Veterans Florida, we build recruitment pipeline initiatives for businesses in the sunshine state. Recruitment of talent can be an expensive cost of business. This program allows you, the business, to obtain veteran talent at no extra cost within your recruitment department. We offer:

  • Dedicated account managers that manage your recruitment account daily
  • Highly qualified veteran candidates
  • High interview to offer accepted ratio
  • High retention – veterans who are employed with your company stay longer
  • Access to a large network of veterans in Florida, both transitioning out of the service and those looking for other employment opportunities

Veteran Services Support and Development

LAC offers transitioning military service members and veterans in our community with support to overcome the road-blocks associated with sustainable employment opportunities. We ensure our military members receive the tools needed to succeed in their civilian life and civilian work force. As a veteran, we offer you these services:

  • Career development through online learning courses at a discounted rate
  • Certifications specific to your industry of interest
  • Industry training in blended and online formats
  • Skill assessments
  • Job placement through our employer career network

Veteran Intake Application

If you are a veteran in need of some direction on how to begin a great career in a veteran friendly employer, please reach out to us. This application gives us detailed insight into your skills and capabilities. Filling this out will let our Veteran Specialists know of your interest, and we will be able to steer you in the right career growth path. By submitting your intake form, you gain access to:

  • Our job portal where you can check into job opportunities
  • Discounted courses through our learning portal (ask our reps about the discount code)
  • Continued access to our veteran support team
  • Assessments, skill building and other transition services

Veteran Friendly Employer Career Network

We partner with businesses across Florida to bring Veterans into their work force. If you are interested in reading about our employers and their career opportunities, you can do so by visiting our Employer Career Network. Employers in our network dedicate their resources to building great relationships between themselves and the veterans they hire. This may be through further training initiatives or on the job training apprenticeships. No matter the course, these employers are looking for military service members!

If you are a veteran looking to see what career opportunities we have available in Florida, please check out our employer career network!

No Cost Veteran Recruitment in 3 Easy Steps