Veteran Recruitment for Businesses

Veteran Recruitment Grant Writing Process and Programs

The Veteran Recruitment initiative in Florida allows you to obtain Veteran talent at no cost to your recruitment efforts. By collaborating with several grant affiliates, non-profits and colleges; we can provide you a strong veteran recruitment pipeline with little impact to your business operation. The benefits of the program are:

  • No cost veteran recruitment pipeline
  • Continued education services at no cost to the veterans or your business
  • Training and career development options

Learning Alliance’s Corporate Value System

Our primary focus provides recruiting and skills-based services to employers in Florida. Since the start of the Veterans program, LAC established the systems, processes and training curriculum to support employers and their talent acquisition goals. We provide a fully customized curriculum and recruiting services to employers, and we partner effectively to support Florida businesses in achieving their growth and development needs.

The Veterans Job Fulfillment Grant program provides grant funding for customized, skills-based curriculum development and training, for veterans to obtain willful employment with businesses in Florida’s targeted, high-growth and high-wage industries. These industries produce goods or services to provide our local communities with jobs and opportunities for sustainable career opportunities and wages.

What are the benefits of the Florida Veterans Grant program?

The Veterans Job Fulfillment Grant application process is designed as a collaborative effort between the businesses requesting training, Veterans, high-skilled training providers and the local economic development organization. This program supports NEW HIRES and INCUMBENT veterans in your workforce.

This state-funded grant provides funding to support the training of new, full-time potential veteran employees. The grant provides funds for a performance-based model to release grant funds as services are rendered. Funding periods are defined as 12-month terms per new employer. As services are rendered and a new hire confirmation is provided, funds are then released upon submission of required documentation.

Both the veteran and the employer benefit from veteran recruitment.

How do You obtain a Florida Veterans Grant Award?

Next, to successfully utilize a Veterans’ grant award support will need to be obtained by the recruiting and HR manager within the employer organization. With the proper employer contacts involved obtaining an award is made simple by the LAC team members through our LAC grant-writing service.

Funding Reward Requirements for veterans program

What is the Veterans Grant Funding Life Cycle?

The Veterans’ grant is a performance-based program that aligns deliverables with funding services. LAC’s services are at no cost to the employer. Once the veteran interviews, gets hired, trained and retained, funds are allocated. For veteran incumbents in your workforce, funding is recognized once the incumbent veteran is trained within a professional development plan. Once retention is confirmed for new hires and/or training is completed for incumbents, funds are released by the State to the employer.

Veteran program funding cycle

Veteran Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Services

Our Talent Acquisition Services System is a solution built on the industry best practices and revolving around concepts that identify and attract top tier Veteran talent.

Our proven approach aligns expectations with the market and promotes accountability, sets a timeline, and makes clients an integral partner in our practice.

Through our 10-step process Learning Alliance Corporation has been able to consistently deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Companies turn to Learning Alliance Corporation when they need highly qualified Veteran talent to build their organizations.

Powered by our commitment to success and proven track record, our successful search and recruitment strategy delivers the strongest candidates for outstanding leadership teams.

Veteran Recruitment success cycle

Veteran Recruitment and Training Services

One of the unique features of the Veterans Job Fulfillment Grant program is that it provides flexibility regarding the type(s) of training that can be utilized.

Based upon the nee of the company and its overall workforce development need the company may choose the type of training to evolve a knowledge base of our veterans through customized corporate based initiatives.

Part of the Learning Alliance curriculum development guidelines is to align job specific requirements and skills with student individualized learning initiatives.

The framework utilized ensures that our veterans can enter their employment with job specific skills that creates a foundation of knowledge, skill, and job specific expectations towards long term sustainable employment.

No Cost Veteran Recruitment in 3 Easy Steps