Veteran Support Services

Learning Alliance’s Veteran transition support services focuses on providing transitioning veterans and service members in the Florida community support in their career and employment growth. By ensuring each veteran receives the necessary tools and education, we can provide them a way to obtain certifications and the skills to join the civilian workforce successfully.

Veteran transition support services Step by Step
  • Tools to translate military experience into recognizable civilian job skills
  • Civilian certifications to transfer military experience into its civilian recognized credentials
  • Industry specific Continuing Education and re-certification services
  • Skills assessment services to identifying and fill skill gaps
Veteran transition support services skill building verification

Veteran Mentorship Services

During the transition from military service to civilian can be a difficult process. It often takes a service member four different jobs to finally find a career they want to stick with. We can help eliminate the frustration by aligning your goals with the proper mentorship.

  • Career development and resume writing services to communicate transferable skills to employers
  • Cultural Adaptation- introduction to community partners that support the transition process
  • Obtaining VA Benefits and Education Planning to support the activation and utilization of benefits
  • VA Housing Engagements that communicates the VA loan process and support to acquire a home
  • Transferable Benefits obtained by veterans that can rendered to family members based on year served
Skills Translation is an integral part of LAC's veteran transition support services

Veteran Support Services – Our Goal

The goal of LAC’s Veteran transition support services program is to seamlessly support all military personnel towards sustainable employment through individual mentoring, career management, counseling, and programs that close skill gaps.

As a side effect, veterans have received networking opportunities with civilian hiring managers through this process. The continued communication from our employers has given LAC the tools needed to understand the employment requirements to support our veterans with sustainable employ-ability.

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Veteran transition support services